Life through the eyes of a 30-something Panda Woman who happens to be Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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My day has been spent


    My day has been spent preparing for a BBQ tomorrow for my bday. I spent the morning comforting a dear friend who has been treated very badly and absolutely did nothing karmicly to deserve this.  We watched half of The Other Woman, ate popcorn, looked at cats on the Internet and listened to […]

The Triforce 


  I just read this really interesting blog post and thought you might be interested if you have an autoimmune disease.  It is US based so some links may not be relevant to us UK spoonies but it has some very interesting points and concepts. Like this:Like Loading…

Wet Pussies


    Before anyone gets prudish I am referring to the feline variety.  Littlest kitten had his first reluctant bath just before he was a year old and didn’t like it much.  I vowed to start him early so he’d get used to them and give him one twice yearly as he is an outdoor […]

Hospital days


   Today has been a day of hospitals.  This morning I woke up earlier than I had to after a crappy night of insomnia, dragged myself downstairs, are the breakfast that Mama Cubb prepared for me and attempted to not fall asleep again.  Of course that failed and I fell asleep.  Mama kept trying to […]

The trilogy of solitudes


   I’ve decided there are three primary types of solitude: Social solitude Mental solitude Physical solitude Social Solitude -interactions- Social solitude is basically a lack of socialising. This could be for many reasons and can wax and wane.  For instance you may have lots of friends who are simply just very busy, or a few […]

Read this, please


   I urge you all, whether or not you have any experience with mental health to read this exceptionally candid post by Mr James Robinson.  I know this man, he is fab. A grumpy bugger at the best of times, it’s who he is, and I’m sad to say I’ve lost touch with him since we […]

On cold drinks


    So I’ve always been a very thirsty panda.  If I’m without a drink by my side there is something wrong.  I barely ever touch alcohols (maybe a few times a year) so it’s not too unhealthy but I have a big soft spot for fizzy drinks.  Always the “diet” variety and normally zero […]

The Truth About Sugar & Chronic Illness

The Truth About Sugar & Chronic Illness

So I’ve been trying to reduce my sweet tooth too.  I’m still a Pepsi Max addict but I alternate with tea, coffee, water and soda with lime as well now, all unsweetened, not even with sweeteners as I get enough of that in Pepsi (I.e. too much).  I’ve also switched to dark chocolate and limit […]

On Boobies

On Boobies

I love boobs. I’m a woman with boobs. I’m a bisexual woman who likes other women’s boobs. I don’t like bras. Wearing clothes with Fibromyalgia is not fun anyway. I don’t like the feel of pretty much any fabric against my skin. When at home I wear satin nightwear, cotton pants and sleep in satin […]

Fatigue with EDS-III 

Fatigue with EDS-III 

   So I’ve just completed this survey about fatigue with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome type III (Hypermobility). I had honestly never associated my fatigue with my EDS before, it just got filled under Fibromyalgia and ME.  I was diagnosed with EDS by a genetic counsellor who’d found an abnormality in my MEFV gene and whom I’d […]

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