Life through the eyes of a 30-something Panda Woman who happens to be Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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The elixir of energy?

The elixir of energy?

So when I saw Dr Todd the Endocrionologist on Weds she noted that my blood iron levels were low (not my ferritin, not anaemia, just low iron) and had put me on 10-15ml of Sylon (Sodium Feredetate) daily.  After only two 5ml doses I started to feel significantly more alive and I’m glad to say […]

Party Hard


    So yesterday was my bday BBQ (my actual bday isn’t until Fri), and I’d spent most of sat getting things ready for it (see this) then got up early for more prep pre guest arrival.  This meant that by the time people started arriving I was already pretty tired.  My amazing LilbroCubb helped […]

On cold drinks


    So I’ve always been a very thirsty panda.  If I’m without a drink by my side there is something wrong.  I barely ever touch alcohols (maybe a few times a year) so it’s not too unhealthy but I have a big soft spot for fizzy drinks.  Always the “diet” variety and normally zero […]

The Truth About Sugar & Chronic Illness

The Truth About Sugar & Chronic Illness

So I’ve been trying to reduce my sweet tooth too.  I’m still a Pepsi Max addict but I alternate with tea, coffee, water and soda with lime as well now, all unsweetened, not even with sweeteners as I get enough of that in Pepsi (I.e. too much).  I’ve also switched to dark chocolate and limit […]

Neurology consultation

Neurology consultation

Today I had my check-up with Dr Weatherall at Ealing Hospital. Dr Weatherall is a really love doctor and my Neurologist both privately and through the NHS. He deals with my Chronic headaches and my sleep problems (I suffer with a totally wrong sleep pattern and insomnia). He is also sympathetic of my Fibromyalgia and […]

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