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On friendship


 panda friends

Today was the birthday of my bestest friend.  We have been friends since we were 1 year old, I literally cannot remember life without HippyCubb in it.  We were misfits at nursery, inseparable at Junior school and despite living miles apart in senior school have managed to remain as close as can be.  Hell we were even hand fasted for a decade and are STILL friends.

So for her birthday she choose to spend it with me, cooking and reminiscing together.  We watched home movies, looked back over old photos and shared our memories.  She doesn’t just complete me spiritually but our memories complement where each other’s have blanks.  

I am honoured that she chose to spend the lion’s share of her special day with me.  I’m honoured that she still loves me and I hope she understands how much I love her.

See friendships all have their ups and downs.  The happy times, the laughter, the trying times and tears.  The best friendships have weathered the storms together and marvelled at the rainbow that follows.  We’ve seen many rainbows together. 

I love you HippieCubb, here’s to many more birthdays shared *cheers* x

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