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The elixir of energy?

So when I saw Dr Todd the Endocrionologist on Weds she noted that my blood iron levels were low (not my ferritin, not anaemia, just low iron) and had put me on 10-15ml of Sylon (Sodium Feredetate) daily.  After only two 5ml doses I started to feel significantly more alive and I’m glad to say that so far this has been sustained.  

Don’t get me wrong it’s no miracle cure.  I still have all the conditions I had before but I feel more able to stay awake for more than a couple of hours at a time.  This means I no longer have to spend whole days asleep so far.  I can concentrate better.  I can sit up at my desk for an hour or so without being utterly exhausted.  The pain is still there.  The energy is mental energy more than anything.  Before thinking was exhausting, now I can think better.  

I urge anyone with fatigue to make sure this gets properly checked out.  My Gastroenterologist has been testing my Ferritin levels regularly but they were always normal.  I hope this too can help someone else maybe get this little lease of life back.

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