Life through the eyes of a 30-something Panda Woman who happens to be Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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Give us this day our daily meds…


… And hope our stomach/liver forgive us these trespasses

 minion meds

So however many pills you take, you’re likely taking more than you would ever have considered “healthy”.  A friend was over the other day and came as I was popping out my pills for the week.


daily meds

Daily Meds

Above is one day’s worth of meds.  Breakfast on the left, through the day top-ups in the middle and bedtime on the right.  I use 3 pill organisers to keep the pills in order and these lovely little blue bottles for my newly liquid iron doses.  Later on we were discussing how to tell if someone’s sick and she said “I know you’re sick, I’ve seen your meds!”.  If only everyone could see that I thought.  

A lot of us struggle to have people believe we are as sick as we say, maybe we should carry out prescriptions around with us like a little certificate? (Actually I do that anyway as some meds are controlled etc).  No.  We shouldn’t have to “prove” we are sick.  It’s always irritated me but then under some circumstances I too want proof of someone else’s entitlement to a disabled bay (I’ll look for either a blue badge or obvious temporary disability).

I guess I take too many meds, I guess my liver sobs gently into its metaphorical pillow every night but the alternative is not an option right now.

How do you feel about your daily meds?  

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