Life through the eyes of a 30-something Panda Woman who happens to be Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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My day has been spent



bbq coals

lighting the spring fires


My day has been spent preparing for a BBQ tomorrow for my bday.

I spent the morning comforting a dear friend who has been treated very badly and absolutely did nothing karmicly to deserve this.  We watched half of The Other Woman, ate popcorn, looked at cats on the Internet and listened to empowering songs.  After lunch I picked LilbroCubb up from the station and dropped the aforementioned friend home.

Got home and then straight into action:

  1. Fitted a new dimmer switch
  2. Changed light bulbs
  3. Tried to get an old snapped screw out of a rarl plug in the wall to screw in a bracket to hold one of the drain pipes from the kitchen in place over the drain.  Got most of the screw out but not quite all and as we were all getting cold opted to cable tie the pipe to the one above it.
  4. Cleaned the BBQ, Cool box, tables etc ready for tomorrow.
  5. Had a nap whilst LilbroCubb watched the Game of Thrones synopsis
  6. Updated Java on the laptop so he could play Runescape
  7. Ordered and ate far too much curry
  8. Made a marinade for beef and mushroom kebabs
  9. Made a herb butter for prawn skewers
  10. Flopped into bed!
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