Life through the eyes of a 30-something Panda Woman who happens to be Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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Monthly archives for April, 2015

On friendship


  Today was the birthday of my bestest friend.  We have been friends since we were 1 year old, I literally cannot remember life without HippyCubb in it.  We were misfits at nursery, inseparable at Junior school and despite living miles apart in senior school have managed to remain as close as can be.  Hell […]

Give us this day our daily meds…


… And hope our stomach/liver forgive us these trespasses   So however many pills you take, you’re likely taking more than you would ever have considered “healthy”.  A friend was over the other day and came as I was popping out my pills for the week.   Above is one day’s worth of meds.  Breakfast […]

The elixir of energy?

The elixir of energy?

So when I saw Dr Todd the Endocrionologist on Weds she noted that my blood iron levels were low (not my ferritin, not anaemia, just low iron) and had put me on 10-15ml of Sylon (Sodium Feredetate) daily.  After only two 5ml doses I started to feel significantly more alive and I’m glad to say […]

Just Keep Swimming


  I love swimming.   I am inherently a water baby.  My parents first took me swimming aged 3 months and I took to it like the proverbial duck.  In my younger years I was an avid swimmer and was part of a synchronised swimming club where we trained pretty hard.  Our warm up was […]

Alcohol and me


  My relationship with alcohol is long standing. As a young Panda I could drink quite a lot.  I did drink quite a lot on occasions.  In my first week of university I decided not to drink until I’d graduated as a) I was in London, it’s not cheap but mostly b) I commuted to […]



  They say Pride comes before a fall… PapaCubb suffers from severe pride, it runs in the family.  His Father died of Prostate Cancer because he was so proud he left it until he could no longer walk to see a doctor about it.  This kind of Pride is the worst.  With PapaCubb Pride means […]

Spoonie Friends


    I am finding more and more that the importance of having fellow spoonie friends is immeasurable.  I’ve met some great people through the FibroAwareness UK support group I attend and have today met face to face for the first time a fellow Fibro warrior I met on facebook who happens to live in […]

Party Hard


    So yesterday was my bday BBQ (my actual bday isn’t until Fri), and I’d spent most of sat getting things ready for it (see this) then got up early for more prep pre guest arrival.  This meant that by the time people started arriving I was already pretty tired.  My amazing LilbroCubb helped […]

My day has been spent


    My day has been spent preparing for a BBQ tomorrow for my bday. I spent the morning comforting a dear friend who has been treated very badly and absolutely did nothing karmicly to deserve this.  We watched half of The Other Woman, ate popcorn, looked at cats on the Internet and listened to […]

The Triforce 


  I just read this really interesting blog post and thought you might be interested if you have an autoimmune disease.  It is US based so some links may not be relevant to us UK spoonies but it has some very interesting points and concepts. Like this:Like Loading…

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