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On cold drinks



fizzy drinks

Fruit & Herb flavour sparkiling water via pinterest


So I’ve always been a very thirsty panda.  If I’m without a drink by my side there is something wrong.  I barely ever touch alcohols (maybe a few times a year) so it’s not too unhealthy but I have a big soft spot for fizzy drinks.  Always the “diet” variety and normally zero cal (Pepsi Max is my favourite), never the sugary.  I hate the feeling of sugary drinks on my teeth.  I love tea and coffee too but don’t like it too hot as I tend to burn my tongue easily (this applies to food too).  

The problem is my pepsi habit is a little out of hand and I’d like to find a tasty alternative.  Don’t get me wrong I love a glass of Thames best (tap water), but I really enjoy the fizzy cooling feeling of a can fresh from a cold fridge.  Sometimes I’ll make a pint of fresh lime and soda water or order this in the pub instead if they serve Coke rather than Pepsi but unless it’s ice sold I don’t really like anything but Pepsi.  A countertop ice maker could help here but they seem to be pretty pricey.  I’ve considered a soda stream but been told they’re not worth it.  

Ideally I’d have a my own fridge full of limes, soda water, ice, hugs for tap water and the odd can but I share an upstairs drink fridge with Papa Cubb and I already use up most of the space leaving him a small share for his milk, tonic water and insulin.  

I know I know, I should just drink water and nothing else but that would be so boring day in day out and I’d miss the fizz!

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