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The Truth About Sugar & Chronic Illness

So I’ve been trying to reduce my sweet tooth too.  I’m still a Pepsi Max addict but I alternate with tea, coffee, water and soda with lime as well now, all unsweetened, not even with sweeteners as I get enough of that in Pepsi (I.e. too much).  I’ve also switched to dark chocolate and limit myself to two squares per night.  

I snack on Ryvita or Popcorn but I’ve found that since reducing my sugar intake I crave these less too.  Where I struggle is with food.  Mama Cubb is a feeder you see.  Papa Cubb has had type II diabetes for nearly two decades now and yet she still refuses to learn because he doesn’t like the healthier foods *sigh*.  Also as she gets older and her partially sightedness becomes even more partial she turns to pre-packaged foods more and more often, something that bothers me but I understand.  It’s really hard for her to prepare a meal from scratch.  The ones she does are recipes she knows from before she lost her sight which are mostly from the times before nutrition was really a consideration.  

I on the other hand love to cook, adore it, have a fairly decent repertoire of fairly healthy foods BUT I cannot cook in our kitchen on a regular basis.  For starters it is tiny which would be frustrating to any cook but more over I can’t stand up long enough.  I have a swivel bar stool for the occasions when I do try but that means bashing my knees against cupboards, straining to lean forward to do stuff etc.  I’d really like a wheelchair adapted kitchen but that’s clearly not going to happen.  I also just don’t have the energy.  I’ve said over and over that I want to start cooking once a week but it’s just like my desire to swim once a week… I really want to but the energy commitment scares me off.

Ideally we’d place limitations of the sugar, salt and saturated fat content of foods or at least make the traffic light system mandatory and easily readable to the partially sighted but I fear that there are too many other considerations here.

In the meantime if anyone would like to be my meals on wheels then you’d be most welcome!

There was a television programme on the BBC last week called ‘The Truth About Sugar’. If you missed it, you should be able to catch up with it on the BBC iPlayer. The programme discussed how much sugar is hidden in our diets, how sugary drinks affect appetite and it of course mentioned the dangers…

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