Life through the eyes of a 30-something Panda Woman who happens to be Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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On Boobies

Home is where the bra comes off

(c) Fibro Helping Hands

I love boobs. I’m a woman with boobs. I’m a bisexual woman who likes other women’s boobs.

I don’t like bras.

Wearing clothes with Fibromyalgia is not fun anyway. I don’t like the feel of pretty much any fabric against my skin. When at home I wear satin nightwear, cotton pants and sleep in satin bedding because the cool, shiny fabric is about the only thing my skin likes.

And then there’s underwire.

To wear or not to wear, that is the rub!

Literally the rub. Underwire is painful enough if you _don’t_ have Fibro. Underwire with Fibro is a killer. On the occasions that I do wear an underwired bra it limits the time I can spend away from the house because at some point I will just HAVE to take it off.

So now I find that because I’ve been wearing non-wired bras for so long and I’m in my 30s, the boobs are suffering. Saggy, unsupported, don’t fill my tops nicely etc. I want to buy a new bra but can’t find one to suit my needs. Ideally it would be the following:

  • 44B / 46A
  • Black
  • Non-wired
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Padded/Push-up
  • Lace or Pretty in some way but also simple
  • <£30
  • Front fastening yet adjustable (impossible!)

Help! I’ve looked on various sites and can’t seem to find anything suitable. Any ideas?

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