Life through the eyes of a 30-something Panda Woman who happens to be Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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The problem with painkillers

The problem with painkillers is the catch 22…

At 4am I was still not asleep. Not because I wasn’t tired but because I was in agony and couldn’t relax my body nor mind. So I took a large chunk of my daily “as needed” painkillers.

  • tramadol 150mg
  • arcoxia 90mg
  • paracetamol 1g
  • metoclopramide 20mg

the upshot was a nice wave of fuzziness rushing over each area of pain, however this is accompanied by now still being wide awake at 6am. Does anyone else get this wakefulness from their painkillers or is it just me?

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  1. anon anon
    April 9, 2012    

    I was prescribed Mianserin for Fibromyalgia. This worked as a mild sedative and enabled me to correct my sleep cycle. After that it only took ~3 months for the Fibro symptoms to reduce to almost nothing.

    • April 9, 2012    

      The only issue with that (or it’s more modern analogue) would be the weight gain given that I’m already obese…

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