Life through the eyes of a 30-something Panda Woman who happens to be Chronically Sick and Disabled.

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Sick + Sick

The problem with being permanently sick (other than being permanently sick of course) is that when you get a “bug” or a new “complaint” it’s twice as nasty.

I’m currently nursing the end of yet another cold (my immune system seems to treat them as regulars now, I must get better bouncers) and praying it doesn’t transform into yet another chest infection. So this time I’ve been hitting it hard with the over-the-counters and inhalers since the start to try and see it off at the pass. This, along with almost complete bed-rest, has almost done it although two issue arise:

1) I still have the beginnings of a chest infection

2) I have the most almighty abdo pains from what I can only describe delicately as a cork in my bowels.

Sorry about the imagery but I really needed to say how bloody horrid it is. Many moons ago, over multiple occasions, I chipped my coccyx three times (the little bone at the end of the spine on the sacrum) and this “cork” well it’s pressing on it. And my bladder (I think, I’m still not hugely great at identifying where the pain lies in my internal geography). And well the referred pain is pretty terrible too. So you can imagine that adding to that my enlarged lungs pressing down via my super human diaphragm whilst coughing, well the combination is rather uncomfortable.

Sucks to be me right?

Anyway, I’ve felt worse, I’ve felt better and as they say “this too shall pass”. Hopefully.

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