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Mamma Cubb goes under the knife.

So today Mamma Cubb is having a thyroidectomy to remove a goitre. We’re currently waiting in the admissions lounge of Ward 3 South at Ealing Hospital for her to be admitted to the ward.

The process of getting here has had it’s ups and downs; from a chance diagnosis to surgery on, off, postponed and brought forward, but she has been treated well and kept well informed.

She had her final pre-op consultation with a lovely F1 on Tuesday who gave us all the time in the world to ask questions and set her mind at ease as to what is going to happen.

More latter

Panda x

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  1. March 8, 2012    

    Mamma’s surgery went very well. She was in theatre for around 4 hours and they removed the right half of her thyroid. This will be biopsied and we will have the results tomorrow :)

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