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Serial Numbers and BAD McAfee experience

Pappa Cubb used to be an IT trainer and so uses his computer everyday. Unlike me he runs Windows 7 (I run Mac OSX Lion) and therefore he seems to be permanently having to rebuild the two desktops and laptop he keeps. The latest issue arose from trying to rationalise his McAfee Anti-virus to one Product “Total Protection” with a 3-user license.

So what went wrong? Well the main machine would not activate the software properly. After a long chat with a rude indian technical support operator (rude because he didn’t understand me, and got the wrong end of the stick, and rude because he accused me of being a liar when I said I was a Computing graduate). After giving them remote access to the machine, they popped up an “Event Viewer” that supposedly showed infections dating back as far as October (which is odd given that the harddrive had been deep formatted around November/December). He tried to say that this wouldn’t remove the viruses and that they could only be removed if we paid either £50 for a one-off clean from their “certified” engineers, or a yearly subscription for 4 monthly clean-ups. Well I went mental. After asking to speak to his supervisor over 5 times, I finally got to, and he basically said the same. They also said that their anti-virus software, despite being called “Total Protection” was only 65-70% effective. What on earth!?! Fuming I phoned customer services saying that we wanted a disc copy of the software and that we would purchase brand new HDDs and rebuild from scratch. They couldn’t send us one, saying that only their authorised retailers could provide discs. Thankfully they refunded his subscription so we could go and buy it AGAIN on disc.

Ten minutes on Amazon later 2 HDDs (Western Digital Caviar Blues 500Gb) were on their way, along with a copy of Total Protection 12 month 3 users. Two days later (today) everything arrived and we installed the new discs today. Then Pappa Cubb got to the point of registering his new copy of McAfee… Could he read the serial number? of course not. Could I? Yes but it was small for me and I have basically perfect eyesight. Manufacturers clearly believe that if you are using a computer you must have perfect vision. Companies just clearly don’t consider disability. IMHO ALL business should employ a disability consultant for their products and services etc.

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