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Car Insurance

My car insurance is due for renewal this month and my current insurers were quoting in the region of £500 for my renewal so I thought I’d have a look around and see if any insurers offered a discount for disabled drivers. I couldn’t find any, and this disappointed me. When I renewed my breakdown cover with the RAC they not only offered a slight discount for being a blue badge holder, but also and increased level of response time cover as they recognise that disabled drivers need more assistance (and aren’t necessarily safe if they breakdown at the side of the road for instance).

I guess there’s no reason to say that a disabled driver would be any better than a non-disabled driver, but for a lot of us our car is the only freedom we have to get around, thus we drive carefully as being without it would be horrendous. Even if there was no monetary discount as such but that the guaranteed hire car was free this would be very helpful.

Anyway, turns out that Direct Line for the 8th year running offered me the best deal, so I’ve stuck with them. Moreover when I told them that I’m doing voluntary work whilst job seeking that got me a discount :)

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