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Neurology consultation

Today I had my check-up with Dr Weatherall at Ealing Hospital. Dr Weatherall is a really love doctor and my Neurologist both privately and through the NHS.

He deals with my Chronic headaches and my sleep problems (I suffer with a totally wrong sleep pattern and insomnia). He is also sympathetic of my Fibromyalgia and factors this in with my drug regimes although Fibromyalgia is not one of his specialisms.

At this consultation he had a medical student with him (a final year from an American university). I always enjoy meeting medical students as they are a fresh mind in the mix and often very keen to help. If my condition can be studied by a student then he or she may go on to help others with my condition so I always feel it my duty to be a bit of a guinea pig wherever and whenever possible.

As my headaches are mostly under control with the Pregabalin I take for them and my Fibro, and my sleep is ok, I have been discharged from the clinic for the time being. We have been experimenting with Circadin to get my sleep under control and to an extent it did work, but as I’m not working at the moment I have been poor about sticking to the plan and we have decided that I will only take the Circadin when necessary going forward.

Dr Weatherall never rushes me and always has time to discuss any concerns or questions I may have. Smart in a pin stripe suit he may seem like your typical consultant but he talks to me like I’m his only patient of the day and will always explain any medical terminology I don’t understand. He also doesn’t talk to me like I’m stupid, but rather as if I have as much medical knowledge as him, and doesn’t make me feel stupid if I ask about something I don’t understand.

As he is a neurologist I discussed my desire to try a ketogenic diet with him. Ketogenic diets are usually prescribed to epileptic children as a way of managing their epilepsy. Sadly he doesn’t have any experience in this area, but told me that he has been trying the Dukan diet and thinks that a Modified Atkins or similar would be fine to try given my disorders.

I’ll be sad not to see Dr Weatherall for a while (no doubt I’ll be back there at some point) but it’s nice to be discharged from another clinic so I can focus on the other stuff.

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