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Citrafleet day

Tomortow I am having a Colonoscopy to check on my IBD.

We’ve never been quite sure what “flavour” of IBD I have, but at the moment we’re calling it early stage Crohn’s disease.

I’ve had some rectal bleeding lately that may mean I have polyps again so my Consultant has scheduled another investigatory colonoscopy for tomorrow morning.

I’ve had these before and the procedure itself isn’t too bad. It’s slightly uncomfortable when the endoscope turns a corner or they inflate the bowel with air to get a better view but I just keep watching the screen and try to understand what I’m looking at as I’m interested and it distracts from what’s actually going on.

In the past they have given me pethidine but I didn’t feel that it had any actual sedative effect and I came out in a rash. It’s not uncommon for Fibromyalgia sufferers to have only 1/3 of the opiate receptors of a “normal” person and do this time the lady doing the procedure has very kindly arranged for me to have fentanyl instead so hopefully that will be more fun.

The thing I HATE about any procedure or scan of the digestive system is the day before. Obviously to get the best view of the insides they need the system to be empty. This means a day of purging I necessary the day before.

At 08:30 this morning I drank my first glass of Citrafleet, a laxative. The first glass isn’t too bad. It’s citrus flavoured and the quicker you drink it the better. At 09:00 I had my last meal, a cup of tea and some Rachel’s organic Greek yoghurt with honey.

Yesterday I could only have low fibre foods, this is to make the purging process easier. Yesterday was fine. Today has not been so happy. Following breakfast you cannot “eat” anything, although you are allowed clear soup and jelly. I’ve had 3 bowls of jelly and two bowls of soup along with elderflower presse, squash and lots of water.

The purging process is not fun. You suddenly need the toilet and as the diarrhoea is so bile rich it can be painful with a burning sensation. You can put a barrier cream on the area, but personally I recommend having moist toilet tissue or baby wipes on hand. You also need to drink lots o fluids and I felt qui quite nauseous at times. I fin elderflower presse helps with my nausea so I got through two bottles of that today.

And now I shall attempt to sleep whilst painfully hungry. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Panda x

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